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Leadership OkACTE

Leadership OkACTE is an annual leadership conference for OkACTE divisional officers, committee members, ODCTE divisional representatives and OKACTE Fellows. This conference provides the foundation for OkACTE leaders as we begin the year. Attendees can expect targeted training sessions for their divisional positions while encouraging an atmosphere of networking with the nation's best CareerTech system.

Leadership OkACTE is designed to assist division leaders in fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of their office to the members of their divisions. Leaders are given an opportunity to learn about effective leadership, network with their division leaders, and strategically plan for the year. This year's Leadership OkACTE is designed for each member (officer, committee chair, advisor or OkACTE Fellow) to attend the event on all days indicated. 


This event is free to attend, yet requires registration. Choctaw Casino & Resort Third-Party Payment Process.


Contact Us!

If you have questions regarding your leadership position please contact us! 


Dazsa Carter | Assistant Director

Lorri Carlile | Director of Outreach & Partnerships


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