Mutual Benevolence Plan (MBP)

2020 Open Enrollment

August 4 - November 13

The OkACTE MBP Board has voted to extend an open enrollment to all OkACTE members! Open enrollment allows any active OkACTE member to participate in the Mutual Benevolence Plan, regardless of years in the association.


Beginning August 4th, OkACTE members can log onto the OkACTE website and register for the program!


Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Active OkACTE Member or Spouse

  • Pay the $40 MBP registration fee

  • Must be in good standing with the MBP Board

OkACTE & CCOSA Mutual Benevolence Plan (MBP) organizes and facilitates the voluntary, monetary contributions to the beneficiary of an eligible member upon the death of that member. Each program participant contributes $10.00 to the Mutual Benevolence Plan fund to provide financial assistance to the beneficiary of an active member of the program.


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