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Legislative Resources

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Tracking Legislation

Legislative Electronic Notification System: an index of legislation filed, sorted by category. You can receive customized notifications for bills ranging from being sent to the governor’s desk to having a floor amendment filed. 


Legiscan: a database to search for bills using a keyword or phrase. Includes a settings to view see if lawmakers in other states are considering similar proposals. 

Live Streaming 

The House and Senate offer live streaming of proceedings on their respective websites. These streams are saved and archived for several years, so you catch up later if you miss a live proceeding. 

Legislative Deadlines:

February 2023

  • Feb. 6: First Day of the First Session of the 59th Legislature

  • Feb. 17: House Deadline for Shell Bill Substantive Language (House Bills & House Joint Resolutions) 

  • Feb. 21: House Bills & House Joint Resolutions from House Subcommittees Deadline 


March 2023

  • March 3: Senate Measures from Senate Committees Deadline (Bills & Joint Resolutions)

  • March 3: House Measures from House Full/Standing Committees Deadline (Bills & Joint Resolutions) 

  • March 24: House Third Reading Deadline (House Bills & House Joint Resolutions) 

  • March 24: Senate Third Reading Deadline (Senate Bills & House Joint Resolutions) 


April 2023

  • April 4: House Deadline to Report Out of Subcommittees (Senate Bills & Senate Joint Resolutions) 

  • April 13: House Measures from Senate Committees Deadline (Bills & Joint Resolutions)

  • April 13: Senate Measures from House Committees Deadline, Except for Full A&B Committee (Senate Bills & Senate Joint Resolutions) 

  • April 22: Senate Measures from House Full A&B Committee Deadline (Senate Bills & Senate Joint Resolutions) 

  • April 28: House & Senate Third Reading Deadline, Opposite Chamber (Bills & Joint Resolutions) 


May 2023

  • May 27: Sine Die Adjournment (5:00 p.m.)

Oklahoma Congressional Delegation

US Senator Markwayne Mullin

(202) 224-4721

US Senator James Lankford

US Representative Kevin Hern (01)

US Representative Josh Brecheen (02)

US Representative Frank Lucas (03)

US Representative Tom Cole (04)

US Representative Stephanie Bice (05)

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