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A professional educator policy will guard you against financial devastation in the event you are named in a serious lawsuit arising in the course and scope of your responsibilities as an educator.  Facts tell us that litigation against schools and educators has risen significantly in the recent years.  In today’s educational climate, it is as important to insure your professional career as it is to insure your car, your home and your health. 

Offered by:
OkACTE 2801 N Lincoln Blvd Ste 130 Oklahoma City, OK 73105 405.525.8906

 Underwritten by Carrier rated A+ 

Supervising General Agent

Cost of Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance premium per member - $30.00 

Insurance Tax (6%) - $ 1.80

OkACTE Association Service Fee- $8.20 

Total Cost- $40.00

Supervising General Agent RT ProExec

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