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Legislative Advocacy

One of OkACTE's major functions is representing the membership before the legislature. The Executive Director works at the Capitol on a daily basis during the legislative session, tracks legislation, educates legislators on career and technology issues, attends meetings and networks with other education organizations.

Check out our  Legislative Resources page to guide you as you advocate for Oklahoma CareerTech!

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Legislative Updates

In our efforts to keep members informed during legislative session, weekly OkACTE emails out an OkACTE Legislative Update to members. We summarize the bills that we believe have the potential to impact our association.


Check out the updates from this legislative season. 

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Legislative Agenda

OkACTE tracks and monitors bills. These bills can vary from CareerTech education policy, common education policy, education funding, teacher pay raise, tax credits, licensing, Ad Valorem, retirement, state employee pay raise, guns, economic development and much more. The list of OkACTE priorities are set and outlined in our Legislative Agenda by our OkACTE Political Action Committee, which is comprised of two members from every division. Our goal is to have a pulse on every bill that could positively or negatively impact any area of our system.


Review the OkACTE Legislative Agenda here.


Political Action Committee

The OkACTE PAC or Political Action Committee is an organization with a purpose is to raise money and help finance the campaigns of candidates sensitive to the interests of the OkACTE members.

Join the OkACTE PAC today!

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