Tony Brigmon

2020 Oklahoma Summit Keynote Speaker

As Southwest’s “Ambassador of Fun”, Tony Brigmon helped their corporate culture recognize and reward humor and creativity in a way that got serious results. Tony became an expert at using interactive fun to teach best practices. He is an astute observer of super performing human behavior and has earned recognition nationally and internationally for his presentation, training, and consulting work, always with the aim to maximize engagement, energize transformation, and enrich individual lives.

Organizations are raving about Tony’s conference presentations. Over the last several decades, Tony has worked with over 2,000 + organizations to energize and engage cultural transformation, employee engagement, leadership, customer service and more. Today, Tony is the Founder of the FuniversityTM Learning Experience teaching others to maximize their potential. He draws on his experience as a former Southwest “insider” and his personal observations on positive high-performing individuals and organizations giving audience members practical ideas they can implement in their work and in their lives.

Breakout Sessions

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Breakout session descriptions listed in alphabetical order by speaker. Specific breakout session times are available at this time.

Ivy Alford
Southern Regional Education Board

Connecting Your Work-Based Learning Activities into a System of Career Development for Students

How can you connect the vast variety of work-based learning activities into one system that supports students as they explore careers and navigate their journey to securing in-demand jobs? This session will provide examples of WBL activities that span career awareness activities (middle school), career exploration activities (high school), classroom learning tasks and on-the-job activities that support students’ advancement in their career pathways. Participants will see examples from Oklahoma high schools and tech centers as well as resources from other SREB states.

Dr. Steven Aragon
Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

Self-Care /Mental Health/Suicide Awareness


The COVID-19 pandemic has created conditions never before experienced in our lifetimes, especially for our mental health. It has lead to increased stress, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation and drug use for many. Additionally, social distancing has negatively influenced our mental health. This presentation will address how to better take care of our mental health during uncertain times including highlighting the role information plays in our mental well-being, strategies for reducing mental health issues and ways to stay socially connected with others while maintaining physical safety.

Art Atkinson
Express Employment Professionals

Holding People Accountable

Many leaders think of holding people accountable in a punitive manner. However, there’s a better way to view accountability. There are methods that are much more effective and productive. During this program, you will learn:

• How to get your team members to “want to do what you want them to do”

• How to determine why someone is not doing what you want and the ways you, as a leader, can get them to do those things

• How important it is that your vision and each team member’s vision aligns

• What effective one-on-ones look like and the benefits of consistently doing them Leaders at all levels of management will come away challenged to think about accountability in a different way and increase their ability to get their teams accomplishing more with a better spirit and attitude.


This is a program you don’t want to miss!

H.L. Baird
Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

Work-based Learning

WBL is not new. It has been around for many years. What is new is the push from the federal and state governments to promote WBL. Funding and WBL-friendly legislation, as well as regulatory policies, are being modified to remove barriers to implementing WBL. Age-old issues such as liability and child labor laws are still around. This session will provide educators with valuable insights and exceptions within the laws that they can take back to their business communities to show there are more opportunities than restrictions.

Dani Byrd &
Hannah Jackson
Schnake Turnbo Frank

How to have inclusive education spaces for LGBT students

This session will provide insight for LGBT students, information about Unconscious Bias and how to create inclusive spaces that maximize educational outcomes. The session leaders will share common definitions, personal experiences and practical advice for connecting with students. There will be time for Q&A to help navigate any specific challenges you might be experiencing in the classroom.

Brad Clark
Oklahoma State Department of Education

Title IX Sexual Discrimination and Harassment: Understanding the New Regulations and Knowing Your Responsibilities

A primer on the role school administrators and officials have in ensuring a safe school and work environment, free of sexual discrimination and harassment. This session will review the recent amendments to Title IX regulations and analyze the various types of discrimination and harassment, and what may constitute a violation of Title IX.

Richard Collins
Horizon Financial Services

Planning Your Retirement

This annual retirement webinar will give you the necessary tools to make informed decisions about your journey to and beyond retirement. By attending you will gain an understanding of your complex options in a clear, concise and interactive format. The choice to retire can be daunting.

Sean Conrad
Radvine Marketing

Customer Service 

Customer service is one thing; becoming a customer champion is a completely different story. In this workshop, we’ll focus on creating a culture of customer champions. We’ll engage in exercises to help us effectively define our customers, understand the generational differences that drive each of us and uncover the most effective actions we can implement today as we build our culture of champions.

Wayland Cubit
Oklahoma City Police Department

Unconscious Biases

Lieutenant Wayland Cubit is a certified instructor on Unconscious Biases. He is a facilitator and trainer on Effective Police Interactions with Youth and Disproportionate Minority Contacts, Fair and Impartial Policing. His Unconscious bias training is designed to expose people to their unconscious biases, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors. A critical component of unconscious bias training is creating awareness for implicit bias.

Rebecca Eastham
& Molly Kyler
Meridian Technology Center &
Pioneer Technology Center

High Stakes Conversations in a Virtual World

High stakes conversations can be tricky, even in the best of settings. What about when we have those difficult conversations in a virtual world? In a virtual world, it seems these can go from being difficult conversations to impossible conversations, but when the stakes are high these important conversations need to take place regardless of the setting. Whether you are coaching a student, collaborating with a colleague or advising a client, high stakes conversations help each of us improve and reach our goals. As we continue to grow in our use of the many platforms for small meetings to large conferences, we need to recognize the added unique set of challenges to online communication that affect any conversation, but especially high stakes conversations. This live session will engage participants through breakout rooms, electronic whiteboards and real-time polling while they learn principles to help lead or participate effectively in high stakes conversations online.

Cara Evans, 
Devon Toland & 
Elizabeth Cummins
Autry Technology Center

Campus Connection: Together or Apart

(Communication Channels On and Off the Cloud)

Learn about how the innovation team at Autry transitioned from identifying trends regarding online learning and 365 apps to embracing the technology when the pandemic forced school closure. This presentation will address internal communication with full-time programs, BIS and operations in addition to how online content was spun up and communicated to students and industry partners. Beyond the Autry case scenarios, the session will introduce other platforms that may be useful to technology centers as virtual learning becomes more prevalent. Key platforms addressed will include Microsoft Teams, Open LMS (Blackboard Classroom), H5P, Autry Learn Now, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoom, G-suite and Google Classroom.

Lindel Fields
Tri-County Technology Center

Vision is the Spark - Culture is the Flame

Learn how you can influence your workplace culture and transform it into a high-performing, grace-filled culture of excellence, no matter your title. Use easy-to-implement takeaways and: * Learn how simple habits can create a high-trust culture in your workgroup or business, resulting in sustainable growth. * Learn how a focus on culture and engagement aligns with continuous improvement to create an environment for success

Adam Flowers
Canadian County Sheriff's Department

Human Trafficking

This session will talk about how a person becomes a victim of human trafficking. It will show trends on human trafficking, how a child becomes a victim and different areas/types of human trafficking. It will also cover behaviors of a victim of human trafficking victim and how to report suspected human trafficking. The session will deal with the common types of human trafficking such as drug endangered individuals who are traded for narcotics; prostitution; nonsexual human trafficking, such as in nail salons; and victims of internet predators.

High Plains 

High Plains Technology Center: TAP Program 

The Technical Applications Program (TAP) is a project-based approach to teaching application related to the trades and industry programs offered at High Plains Technology Center. Program staff members will discuss how they've implemented this program, discuss the outcomes of this program as it relates to program retention, program exposure and completion for High Plains Technology Center.

Central VA Community College,
Corporate Trainer, Speaker

The Empowered Learner and Engaging Digital Tools

How can we move instruction to be more engaging and empower our students to learn more? See free exciting tools like Flipgrid, Pear Deck, PowerPoint Live (new) and others to effortlessly add interactive questions and formative assessments to your presentations. Turn your presentations into classroom conversations. Enhance instructional content with interactive learning prompts to gauge understanding, improve engagement all while checking for understanding with assessment tools for, as and of learning. Whether in person or online – they all work seamlessly! Get ready to empower!

Central VA Community College,
Corporate Trainer, Speaker

New CTE Skills and Career Pathways to Succeed in a PostCoronavirus World

As we begin this new academic year, there is a lot unknown about how the world will transform after we get the novel coronavirus under control, but it is extremely unlikely that things will just go back to exactly the way they were before. Career paths are likely to change, and with it, the skills companies will require for almost every workplace. Let’s connect and retool our course to reflect the job skills that are likely to be in high demand in a post-coronavirus world. The Fourth Industrial Revolution we are experiencing today builds upon rapidly evolving and disruptive advances in technology: the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, robotic process automation, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, virtual reality, and remote flexible work schedules. The challenge is determining how we, as educators, can best mentor the next generation of students for a future that is still evolving.

Trent Hughes
Wellston High School

Project-based learning

Please check back for session details. 

Alisha Hyslop

CTE Policy: Perkins V and the Response to the Pandemic

Congress and the Administration have moved quickly to respond to the rapidly evolving pandemic and offered support providing both flexibility and resources to individuals, communities and states. This section will review federal policy actions that impact CTE and provide updates on funding available, next steps for congressional action and advocacy efforts needed and you will learn how Perkins V is moving forward

Del Johnson


Orgametrics is all about determining and developing an organization’s alignment. But what does “alignment” in this sense really mean – and why should organizations care about it? At Orgametrics, we define alignment as the strength of harmony between an organization’s strategy, structure and culture. We’ve likely experienced this sense of alignment in various forms, whether as a member of a sports team, a participant in a concert choir, or an employee in a corporation. When we’re in a group which achieves harmony in alignment, the results are powerful and up-lifting. Aligned organizations, through their employees, bring the true purpose of their mission, vision and strategic plans to life. Check out this session to understand how you can create and align your organization to the degree its actions and key performance metrics and ensure you are connected toward making its mission, vision and strategic plan a reality.

Mark Johnson

Distance Learning Solutions and State-Approved Certifications for the CTE Classroom with iCEV

Learn about iCEV’s distance learning solutions with online instructional materials for the CTE classroom. Easy-to-use course management tools, such as automatic testing and grading, video and PPT lessons, fit perfectly into a blended/distance learning scenario. Timesaving lessons plans make classroom implementation a breeze, while thought-provoking student projects and interactive activities enhance student learning and retention. Through the completion of regular coursework, students can earn state-approved certifications tested for on iCEV. In-depth career exploration as well as college and career readiness lessons are also included in this all-encompassing curriculum resource.

Dennis Kambeitz

The Influence of Robotics in the Workplace

Dennis Kambeitz is recognized as a world leader in understanding how technology and robotics will impact the workforce... and what educators need to do to prepare our students. His presentations have been described as “paradigm changing” and “something that EVERY educator needs to hear”. Dennis’s innovative strategies have helped thousands of educators enhance their STEM and CTE education and significantly increase student engagement in these areas.

Ruthie Kneupper
ESC Region 20, Texas

True Colors and the CTE Classroom – A Perfect Match!

This fun, energetic and interactive session is designed to introduce the basic concepts of True Colors to individuals to enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, and individual interactions with others. True Colors has been used in business and education in the United State for over 30 years. It is based on Jungian personality theory and derived from the internationally renowned and researched Myers Briggs Type Indicator. True Colors provides a self-discovery process which reveals the key characteristics of individual personalities.

Rhett Laubach
YourNextSpeaker, LLC

How to Stay Fully Engaged in Your Work, Even in a Virtual World

This program by professional speaker, leadership expert and a 30-year Oklahoma CTE and CTSO ambassador Rhett Laubach (@RhettLaubach) is designed for professionals interested in giving his/her best effort at work and at home, as well as for individuals looking for techniques to help others to do the same. This keynote includes tips and strategies that are creative, fresh and applicable any time, but especially in this season when more of us are working virtually. Even in this virtual format, Rhett’s presentation style is engaging, interactive, and high-energy.


Learning Objectives: 1) How to be fully engaged in giving your best at work. 2) How to create and maintain trust with others. 3) How to respond positively to stress. 4) How to have a more consistent thirst for development and growth. 5) How to sharpen your time management techniques to create more time and energy to give your best.

Cindy Martin
Southern Regional Education Board

How the Brain Learns

With the advances in neuroscience, we now know much more about how the brain learns. In this session, participants will examine:

• The information processing model,

• How memories are formed,

• The teaching and learning cycle including prime time and down time, and more. 

 Participants will discuss the implications of the process for their teaching and their students’ learning.

Missy Nicholas
& Greeta Russell

Conflict Management for the Classroom and Beyond, RISE Anyway

Join us in exploring the idea that resolving conflict is more about relational dynamics than differing ideas or opinions. Wouldn’t it be nice to go through your days with students, coworkers and administration without the power struggles? Learn how to create a conflict deficit by preemptively dissolving and avoiding it through relational means. This session will give you practical tools for relating to others in collaborative ways that prove, in conflict, the issue is rarely the issue. And the answer is always relational connection.

OkACTE Fellows

Year in Review with OkACTE Fellows

This session will allow current OkACTE Fellows to present the OkACTE Fellowship Program of Work and program objectives. Presenters will be the current 2019-2020 OkACTE Fellows and each will share their experiences and expectations after completing the fellowship.

Matt Pinnell

Oklahoma Branding

The lieutenant governor will discuss the new state brand, the meaning behind it and how the state is implementing it and what it means to be the hub of America.

Sylvia Phillips
Skills USA

Career Essentials/Soft Skills

How do we teach employability skills effectively and measure the growth and development of these skills? When students choose an industry of interest to them and are provided with experiential learning activities, the learning is more meaningful, specific and applicable, and their ability to articulate learning becomes more natural. Explore the advantages of project-based learning, scenario-driven e-modules and authentic assessment via the constructs of portfolio development as we contextualize learning around career readiness skills.

Tisha Richmond
Tech Integration Specialist | 
Speaker | Author

Make Learning Magical- Gamification in the Classroom

Gamified learning is an adventure at any level or in any content area. In this highly engaging and interactive session you will learn how to layer the most motivational techniques of gameplay over your curriculum to increase student collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Additionally, you will experience how to use the game inspired design process to construct your own rich experience for your students. Come away with practical strategies that you can use in any class or grade level to make learning magical. You will leave ready to turn your brick or click classroom into a gamified adventure.

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Getting Things Done​

We are all uniquely made for a greater purpose. How can we do it all? You can’t! This session will discuss getting more of the right stuff done in order to make your magic happen. Using the book Getting Things Done by David Allen along with her expertise, Krista will share tips on:

*How to increase focus on the most meaningful work

*Organize information & prioritize commitments

*Create mental space for innovation

State of Oklahoma Senate/House

Legislative Panel Discussion

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to hear from Oklahoma's legislative leaders directly, as they discuss their upcoming legislative issues, and the pressing issues facing CareerTech in the coming year. Moderated by Skye McNiel, OkACTE Executive Director. 

Tom Viola

Take it on the Run, Baby: Street Drugs

Please check back for session details. 

Futurist | Technology Strategist | Author

Craft Engaging Digital Experiences

2020 has ushered in the wide adoption of digital experiences. Both events and classrooms have been taken online and we're not 100% sure what the future holds. Innovative education professionals understand that agility is the key to success moving forward. In this high-energy session, you will discover how to increase engagement through creativity and gamification!

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

Master Educator: Navigating Your Journey to Excellence

The Master Educator journey will begin by taking a tour of the many different categories and types of courses available. We will develop and explore the varied learning paths available to learners. We will conclude by planning your expedition to become a Level 1 Master Educator.

Beth Whittle
Prevention Services,
Oklahoma State Department of Education

Trauma Informed Education

We will learn the neuroscience behind chronic stress and adversity and how it affects the brain’s ability to learn. We will explore the power of relationships as a mitigating factor to adverse childhood experiences and practical strategies educators can use with students to help with regulation. 

Mark Woodward
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics

Medical Marijuana: Separating Facts from Fiction

This presentation will help parents, educators, co-workers and neighbors understand the risks and realities of medical marijuana, including the following The alarming impact science has had on today’s marijuana potency. • How marijuana concentrates (oils) have become the norm among teens. • The dangers of teens and marijuana edibles (THC cookies, candies, sports drinks). • Teens using marijuana edibles and vapes to get high in plain sight, including the classroom. • The tragic consequences hitting teens from vaping products, including marijuana. • Learning Their Language: What teens mean when they talk/text about “wax,” “diamonds,” “710” and “pineapples.” • How teens are using social media and apps to hide their high in plain sight. • What you need to know about the medical marijuana growing next door.


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