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OkACTE strives to support its members by providing opportunities for professional development and expanding relationships with key policy makers through advocacy activities. Professional development is held throughout the year to provide members with resources needed to build leadership skills and remain on top of key educational issues facing Career and Technology education across the state. OkACTE works on behalf of its members to ensure
the Oklahoma Career Tech system maintains the leading edge of CTE across the nation.


What sponsorships will help do for OkACTE:

  • Increase professional development opportunities

  • Improve and expand relationships with key policy makers and legislators through comprehensive advocacy programs and activities

  • Attach more prestige to our nationally-recognized awards and recognition programs

  • Create constant exposure to always evolving career and technical training and employment opportunities throughout Oklahoma

To learn more about OkACTE, please contact: 
Lorri Carlile,| 405-525-8906

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