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The support and expertise of the Oklahoma Association for Career and Technical Education (OKACTE) is unparalleled and highly regarded by CTE programs across the nation. By becoming a member of OkACTE, you are joining a community of more than 4,000 professionals who represent all areas of career and technical education in Oklahoma. This diverse range of members, whether new to the world of CTE or highly experienced, makes this a home for all who are ready to grow and give back to the CTE community across the state.

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With policies, technology and legislation constantly evolving, CTE requires life-long learning. We accept the challenge of continuously providing professional development opportunities to our over 4,000 members. Get involved and register to attend an OkACTE event today! 

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Oklahoma Career Tech is a vital connection to our state economy and workforce. Your tax deductible contribution to the OKACTE PAC enables OkACTE to carry out the following work on your behalf:

  • Organize and maintain communication outreach campaigns highlighting the value of Oklahoma CTE.

  • Develop research-based materials focusing on the value of CTE.

  • Build and sustain a coalition of Oklahoma Career tech leaders, administrators, organizations and businesses that supports career tech awareness in Oklahoma.


In contributing to the OkACTE PAC, you are confirming its importance as a vital option to closing the skills gap for Oklahoma industries.

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