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Voting ends May 15th!  

Electronic ballots will be sent to OkACTE members. The OkACTE Bylaws state "A member shall be entitled to only one vote for the office of OkACTE President-elect." Voting for OkACTE President Elect will close May 15, 2024.

Electronic ballots were sent to OkACTE members on April 15th. You should have received an email with subject line: "Time to Vote! 2024-2025 OkACTE President Elect". 

If you have questions about your ballot, please contact Dazsa Carter,

Meet the Candidates

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Kendra Allen - 2.jpg

Kendra Allen

Canadian Valley Technology Center


FY24 Robert Johnson_edited.jpg

Robert Johnson


Moore Norman Technology Center

Kendra Allen - 2.jpg

Kendra Allen

Support Staff Division

Canadian Valley Technology Center

OkACTE/ACTE Membership: 7 years

I believe that each division of OkACTE, has the potential to bring something unique and special to the state of Oklahoma, through Career and Technical Education. I would be honored to stand up and help these respected divisions to reach their desired goals.


  • To make available professional development that will enhance leadership skills for all OkACTE members.

  • To provide networking opportunities and training beyond OK Summit to develop strategies and shared ideas to ensure member success.

  • To provide opportunities for every member to gain practical knowledge and deep insight to become stronger advocates for our divisions and our state affiliate, OkACTE.

  • To have the opportunity to be an advocate for our great career and technical education system across the state of Oklahoma and Nationally.

Divisional Involvement: 

  • Board Member 

  • Vice-President 

  • President-Elect

  • President 

  • Past President 

  • 2022 OkACTE Support Staff Member of the Year

OkACTE Involvement: 

  • Support Staff PAC chair

  • Support Staff CTAC chair

  • Diversity Action Committee – Chair

  • 2022 Diversity Symposium; 

  • 2023 – 2024 Diversity Action Committee Secretary

ACTE Involvement: 

  • 2020 NRS Support Staff Member of the Year

  • Support Staff Section Lead for NRS Division

  • NRS Awards Committee

  • NRS By-Laws Committee

  • NRS Policy Committee

  • ACTE Vision co-presenter; (2022, 2023)

  • IAED Mentorship Program participant

  • ACTE Administrative Support Staff Advisory Board member

FY24 Robert Johnson.jpg

Robert Johnson

STEM Division

Moore Norman Technology Center

OkACTE/ACTE Membership: 7 years

As the 2024-2025 OkACTE President-Elect, I am committed to fostering excellence in membership engagement. My philosophy centers around mentorship, leadership support, networking, and professional learning. Communication is a key strategy—I believe in keeping our members supported in hoping they will become engaged in the leadership opportunities and constantly advocating for Career and Technical Education (CTE). Having served as a Career Tech Teacher for over 25 years, I understand the importance of knowing our “why.” When elected, my mission will be to ensure members grasp the significance of their why, feel supported in their profession, and the importance of advocating for CTE and telling its story.  Let’s continue building a strong OkACTE community together!

Divisional Involvement: 

  • Stem Board Of Directors

  • OkACTE STEM Executive Vice President

  • OkACTE STEM President Elect

  • OkACTE STEM President

  • STEM Mid Winter Planning

  • STEM Oklahoma Summit Planning

  • Constitution Update Honors

  • OKACTE STEM Dennis Portis Rising Star

  • Air Force Outstanding Teacher Award

OkACTE Involvement: 

  • OkACTE PAC Chair

  • OkACTE CTAC Chair

ACTE Involvement: 

  • 2023 Region IV Conference @ Biloxi Mississippi

  • 2023 Vision Conference @ Phoenix,

  • 2023 Voting Delegate for Oklahoma

  • 2024 National Policy Seminar

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