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Welcome to the 56th Annual Oklahoma Summit conference!

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This is a resource page for OkACTE Committee members for divisional reporting. These resources are available for member download as well! 

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On behalf of the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education, welcome to the 2023 Oklahoma Summit! I encourage you to take this opportunity to network with your colleagues and learn about what’s ahead for CareerTech.

Thank you for your continued support of OkACTE and your commitment to provide students with the skills and training necessary to be successful in this ever-changing

working environment. Your leadership is creating a workforce that will help propel business development, in our state and lead to enhanced quality of life for all Oklahomans.

We have had an amazing year, including a successful legislative session and events with record breaking attendance. None of this would be possible without our OkACTE leaders, countless members who volunteer their time and talents and each and every person who

pours their best into CTE.


We must stay united, we must stay focused on our mission and we must continue to challenge our students in the most innovative, out of the box way that only Oklahoma

CareerTech can do.

Thank you for being a vital part of OkACTE and I hope you enjoy your time at the Oklahoma


Skye McNiel

OkACTE Executive Director

To check out the progress made this year, please read the OkACTE Executive Director's Report linked below. 

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