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August 1, 2022 | Tulsa Cox Convention Center

This is your time to toot your horn and shine! TechTalk sessions are designed to allow  Oklahoma CareerTech professionals an opportunity to present topics in a fun, energized setting. These sessions are limited! Submit your application today!

TedTalks are:

  • 10 minutes each

  • TechTalks will take place on August 1st between 8am -1:00pm.

TechTalk Title
This is a short, eye-catching title of the presentation that will appear on the Oklahoma Summit Conference website and on the Oklahoma Summit App. All proposed talk (titles) are subject to change at the discretion of conference staff.

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TechTalk Outline

This is a brief synopsis of your presentation that will appear on the Oklahoma Summit Conference website and on the Oklahoma Summit App. 

An example of a brief TechTalk can be found below: 

Selection Process
Each presentation proposal will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the selection. Proposals will be reviewed for:

  • Clarity of proposal

  • Adherence to proposal submission instructions

  • Quality of proposed session’s content and the potential for engaging participants in meaningful discussion through experiential learning techniques

Note: Presenters are not allowed to promote  products and services during their session. If you are interested in promoting your products and services, apply to exhibit and or submit an application for Exhibitor Presentations. The exhibitor applications are available on the Oklahoma Exhibitors page.


All applicants will be advised electronically regarding the status of their presentation proposal no later than early May 31, 2022. 

Proposal Submission
Before submitting a proposal, be sure that all presenters are available to present on August 1, 2022. Proposals must be submitted electronically no later than May 5, 2022 at noon. Handwritten, faxed or incomplete proposals will not be reviewed or accepted. Any questions regarding this application or the process should be directed to Dazsa Carter,

My business clients spend years thinking about raising their prices, they stall, then they feel bad about it. Likewise, people in everyday life feel bad about having high self-esteem. They don’t set boundaries. This talk is about how real people can use the same techniques I teach to business about pricing and apply them to improving their own self-esteem and setting boundaries. More broadly, it will introduce the idea that business principles apply to any situation in life, and how to apply them.”

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