Leveraging Experiences:
Webinar Series with Crystal Washington

October 27 & November 5| 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Online via Zoom

Cost: $75 for series/ $50 individually

Registration ends October 26, 2020. 


What's better than one workshop with Crystal Washington?


2 workshops with Crystal Washington!!


Crystal Washington is back this fall with a 2-part webinar series for you. Join us while she unlocks the potential heights of incorporating technology into our everyday worlds in ways we haven't considered!

This 2-part series can be explained below.


October 27: Future Focused: Leveraging Technology For Professional Growth

The world is undergoing a period of severe and constant change. Today's students are graduating into a world that no one could have foreseen. Yet, emerging leaders have several distinct advantages, using technology. In this high-energy session, technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington will show you how to ride the wave of technology trends to increased scholarship, internship, and employment opportunities! 



·  Seize unique technology-based advantages for young business leaders age 16-20

·  Discover three tactics for attracting decision-makers online

·  Identify already-existing and not-yet-created educational and career opportunities 


November 5: The Experience Lab

How do you maintain audience engagement in a virtual environment? Do you need some fresh ideas that will extend learning and fun? In this high-energy session, technology strategist Crystal Washington with show you fun things you can incorporate by demonstrating them in this virtual lab.