Exhibitor Showcase Workshops

Check out the LIVE DEMO's during our Exhibitor Showcases! Participating vendors will give short 30-minute workshops center stage in the exhibit hall on August 1st. 

All workshops will take place in the Exhibit Hall in Rooms B &D. 

Morning Workshops

8:00 AM | Ok CareerGuide powered by Kuder, Inc.| Room B

Oklahoma Career Guide- an easy online tool available for all Oklahomans to explore and guide their future. You can take assessments, identify occupations, establish education plans and, ultimately connect to employers. Whether you are a student searching for career and college options or an adult looking for a new career path, OK Career guide is the powerful tool to provide all the career and educational resources you will need to chart your course for the future. 

8:00 AM | zSpace| Room D

From assembling and disassembling in a virtual auto shop, operating on human hearts in the medical field, and welding the aid of a virtual welder, discover how students in over 1000 districts, community colleges, and medical schools and universities are preparing for industry certifications through immersive learning with augmented and virtual reality - resulting in more experience during on-the-job training.

Mid-Day Workshops

10:15 AM | Tinker Federal Credit Union| Room D

Financial education workshops

*Understanding your credit report

* Psychology of Money

10:30 AM | iCEV Multimedia (Exhibitor Sponsor)| Room B

Online Curriculum for Every CTE Classroom ~ Come learn about iCEV’s online curriculum resources for all CTE subject areas. Easy-to-use course management tools, such as automatic testing and grading and timesaving lessons plans, make classroom implementation a breeze, while thought-provoking student projects and interactive activities enhance student learning and retention. Through the completion of regular coursework, students can earn industry backed certifications. In-depth career exploration as well as college and career readiness lessons are also included in this all-encompassing curriculum resource.

11:00 AM | Gooden Group |Room D

Tweet, Post or Punt: Tips for dealing with the media in a crisis. Media veterans offer ideas for facing both traditional and social media when crisis strikes your organization.

11:15 AM| Tooling U-SME| Room B

Tooling U-SME's online manufacturing curriculum, showcasing the new Next Generation Haas Control Panel classes along with the new online welding resources through ULINC (Lincoln Electric) 

11:45 AM| PersonalFinanceLab.com| Room D

HOT TREND ALERT!  Add a Business or Personal Finance Labb to your school! Many schools have a chemistry lab, but why don't they have Business or Personal Finance Labs? We will show you how to convert your ordinary classroom into a exciting Business or Personal Finance Lab with scrolling stock tickers, Wall Street-style LCD screens full of economic and business news, and our customizable curriculum that includes: stock market game, personal budget simulation, and our vast curriculum library-- all aligned standards. Create your own Personal Finance, Business, Economics and Investments assignments and assessments. 

12:00 PM| Gray Technologies/Chief Architect| Room B

Chief Architect: User-friendly 3D Design Software for the following areas:

Drafting/Architecture; Construction Trades; Landscaping/Horticulture, FACS; Plumbing/HVAC; Cabinetry; Electrical; Criminal Justice. 

Trial Versions, ready-to-use curriculum ideas and opportunities for certification. 

12:30 PM| Isograd| Room D

What skills are needed in today's workforce? Do students have the skills tp earn a living wage? Do we know  if they are competent in today's most demanded applications? we look at the data showing the skills required and how students can more effectively learn and validate digital skills including Microsoft Office, Digital Literacy, Adobe Design application and all of the most in-demand coding languages. 

Afternoon Workshops

2:45 PM| BusinessU| Room B

BusinessU: Preparing Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs. BusinessU is an interactive, engaging business curriculum platform, with a bent towards entrepreneurism. Our program is comprised of 
project-based, standards-based courses that have an entrepreneurial context. Our goal is to prepare students to be "shark-tank-ready" by the time they graduate high school. All of our curriculum has been designed and vetted by business and industry professionals. Complete LMS, web-based, and compatible with all browsers and devices (PCs, MACs, Chromebooks, iOS, Android).


2:50 PM| Stukent, Inc.|Room D

Have you been asked to teach a social media class for the first time OR are you looking for some tips to take your social media class to the next level? These 5 expert topics will help you teach an awesome social media marketing class your students will love!

This presentation will give you new ideas on ways to structure your course and will provide you with tips and tricks on how to stay current on the ever-changing social media world. 

3:20 PM| ROBOTIS, Inc.| Room B

**All ROBOTIS products are all reconfigurable by patented 6 MM Plates & Rivet Tool System 

1. ROBOTIS Dream II (Lv.1-5)

  • 12 lessons with Curriculum Workbook & 60 assembly instructions

  • App: R+Design (APP) & R+Task (from Lv.2) 

2. ROBOTIS STEM series (Lv 1-2) 

  • 48 in-depth Lessons with Curriculum Workbook including instructions of 16 assembly instructions 

  • App: R+Design & R+Task

 - Fully Customizable through 3D Printing (STL Files include) & Programmable with various available applications  
 - App: R+Task, R+Motion, R+Design, ROBOTIS MINI (40 Preprogrammed functions)
 - Assembly manual for Humanoid Robot 

3:30 PM| Nepris| Room D

Would you like to experience more guest speakers and workplace tours without the hassle of planning and coordinating career days and field trips?

Nepris is the solution for you.

Nepris connects educators and learners with a network of industry professionals, virtually, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to all students.