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The OkACTE Diversity Action Committee meets quarterly to discuss, communicate and create collaborations in ongoing and upcoming initiatives and events that support the goal of enhancing the environment for diversity, inclusion and equity across the Oklahoma Career Tech System.

The Diversity Action Committee serves to unite the profession of career and technology and advocate awareness of diversity among OkACTE, the students that are taught, and businesses in which our members are involved. Each of the 12 OkACTE divisions has a chairperson appointed or elected to serve on the committee. 


The Diversity Action Committee has committed to hosting an annual event, the Diversity Symposium. The Diversity Symposium has addressed issues such as Unconscious Biases, Generational Differences, LGBTQ+ issues and more. The Diversity Symposium is open to any OkACTE member to attend. 

Upcoming Events: 

Diversity Symposium - November 10, Metro Technology Centers-Springlake Campus

Kaleidoscope Award

The Kaleidoscope Award has been established to recognize those entities that embrace and promote diversity. Sincere commitment to processes and activities that promote a pluralistic campus, community, or agency must be demonstrated. These processes and activities must be aimed at developing, improving, and promoting awareness of and opportunities for integrating multiculturalism, gender equity, and those with physical disabilities into career and technology education programs.

EXAMPLES of processes and activities may be, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Minority Intern/Extern programs.

  • Implementing strategies to enhance job placement and upward mobility that reflect a diverse population.

  • Diversity education and/or in-service programs for staff.

  • Incorporating diversity within print and/or visual media such as curriculum, brochures, recruitment materials, etc.

  • Developing processes and/or activities for recruiting and retaining a professional, multicultural staff.

Now Accepting Applications! Apply today! Applications are due May 1st. 

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