Concurrent Session IV: 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Breaking the Ice

Teresa Pinkston| Tulsa Technology Center

Green Country- 2nd floor

This session will engage participants in activities that will get any meeting or class started off right, while also promoting collaboration, team building and leadership. The Ice breakers provide opportunity for groups to become more engaged in the meeting or event while contributing more effectively toward a successful outcome.

This session’s objectives include:

  • How to motivate other to engage in hands on activities

  • Build skills in leadership and collaboration

  • Will be able to implement the various activities in their classroom, event or meeting.

Teresa Pinkston is a National Board Certified teacher and currently serves as an Instructional Coordinator for Tulsa Tech.  In her current position she provides support to teachers with curriculum, online learning, technology integration and research.  With over 22 years of classroom experience and a career tech master teacher, Teresa has taught a variety of subjects including: animation, web design, video production, graphic design, network technology, office support, accounting and business. She has presented on a variety of topics at the local, state, regional, and national levels.  Presentations include classroom management, classroom assessment, instructional strategies, instructional planning, project bases learning, project management, and integrating technology in the classroom using apps and web2.0 tools. 

Cultivating Futures Through Community Driven STEM Agricultural Sciences

Sarah Martin| Katy Independent Schools |

Brick Room- 1st floor

From farm to classroom and from bioengineering to aquatic science, Katy ISD students, grades K-12, make connections between the four integrated core disciplines while applying them to viable career opportunities. By cultivating partnerships with organizations such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, students will practice sustainability at a purposefully designed complex driven by community values for intentional instructional experiences. Student Agricultural Experiences will include: farmers market, honey production, livestock, horticulture, angling, and the Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Katy ISD Agricultural Sciences Complex includes a purposefully designed show arena, pavilion, project center, pond, and covered rodeo arena. The complex not only houses FFA student projects and hosts our annual FFA student livestock show, but students across the district, at all grade levels will get to experience hands-on learning opportunities as they relate to the many facets of agricultural sciences education.

Go Go Gadget Apps and More!

Dawna Jones| Tulsa Technology Center |

Laci Felty| Tulsa Technology Center

Kiamichi Room- 2nd floor

Presenting a variety of gadgets, apps, websites, and more. These can be adapted and used in most any type of educational arena for children and adults.


Items are helpful for classroom management, organization, and those with physical or educational challenges.

Participants will: 

  1. Learn to download an app and scan the Merge Cube for anatomy and many other educational journeys.

  2. Learn to organize notes and lists with Rocket Notebook and pens.

  3. Increase student creativity, assignments, and interaction using Thinglink website.

  4. Observe and learn to download the use of apps for visually impaired and usage of a language translator.

  5. Understand use of Augmented Reality for anatomy using the Human Anatomy Atlas app.


Dawna Jones

When working in surgery, every day is an experience! I don't enjoy the fact that people have ill health or trauma, but I love getting to help surgeons work on those patients. As an instructor at Tulsa Tech, I find everyday with students and co-workers exciting. Our part in the health industry is ever changing. I love being a part of imparting the knowledge and skills to students so they can be successful in the Surgical Technology industry.  Everyone has a story to share about their life's journey to get to their current place. The friendships developed with co-workers are priceless. It is my pleasure to have a part in all of it!


I am married with 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl.  I enjoy watching my children's activities, music, and reading. I love to learn new things to increase my knowledge about the ever changing techniques in healthcare. I still take call at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK for Kidney transplant surgery.  I love cooking and looking at new recipes. I find it difficult to follow a recipe without making a change, but I love to see new recipes!


Laci Felty

While working in surgery, you get to be part of a team that works seamlessly to achieve the best outcome for your patient. In the operating room, I always found great joy in assisting the surgeons to achieve the best possible surgical outcome, and thus give the patient a better quality of life. Once I began teaching, I made it my mission to bring awareness and excitement to my students about the importance every Surgical Technologist brings to the surgical team. Watching my students go from knowing very little about the surgical world to being able to assist surgeons proficiently bring me great happiness. I am very appreciative of all my co-workers throughout the years who, every year, continue to show the same passion for teaching!


I am married with 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. I enjoy time with my family and friends, music, and traveling. I love interior decorating and have a passion for beautiful design. I similarly love to decorate cakes and make them for my family and close friends. My life truly revolves around my family and I'm so grateful for them! Between my family, work and pursuing my Bachelor's degree, I don't have much time for many hobbies, but when I do have the time to travel, whether near or far, I love to see what this world of ours has to offer.

Generating New Income From Your Data

Brendan Marsello | Learning Resources Network (LERN)|

Great Plains- 2nd floor

Discover how to use your own data to generate new programming, create new markets, and target carrier routes to boost registrations and cut costs. Know your market segments better and how to use that market segmentation data to generate new income. 

This session’s objectives include:

  • Learn 11 ways data can help increase your income

  • Learn what data to collect 

  • Use the data you collect to make data driven decisions

History of Oklahoma CareerTech

Dr. Tom Friedemann| Francis Tuttle Technology Center

20th Century- 2nd floor

In 1964, Dr. Francis Tuttle was assigned the task of designing Oklahoma’s outstanding Career-Tech system during the Henry Bellmon administration. The system he came up with was so visionary and innovative, that it required an amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution to make it possible. What is so innovate about it? Why is it so good? And who were the key politicians who led the way to make it all happen? It’s an intriguing story that will be shared with you.


Tom Friedemann is superintendent and CEO of the Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City.  Francis Tuttle is a premier provider of career and technology education with an enrollment of nearly 35,000 students.  With its four campuses in Northwest Oklahoma City and Edmond, the school district provides a wide array of programs and services that include traditional career-tech majors, college-prep career academies, alternative education programs for at-risk students, customized training for industry and instruction for adjudicated youth.


Tom joined Francis Tuttle in 1997 after having served 19 years in the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, where he held numerous positions including Curriculum Specialist, State DECA Advisor, State Coordinator for Technology Centers, and Assistant State Director for the agency.  While at the state career-tech department, he was responsible for the development of ten new career-tech centers located throughout Oklahoma.  Prior to that, he served as Assistant Superintendent at Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton, OK.  He began his career as a Marketing Education teacher at Putnam City West High School in Oklahoma City where his DECA chapters continually received state and national honors.


He has authored numerous manuscripts on career-tech education that have been featured in state, national and international publications and is a sought after speaker on career-tech.  He has served as President of the National Council of Local Administrators, the Oklahoma Council of Local Administrators, the Oklahoma Career-Tech Foundation, Inc., the Administration Division of the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education, and the Oklahoma Technology Centers Superintendents’ Association.  He is a graduate of Leadership Oklahoma, Leadership Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Educators’ Leadership Academy, and Duke University’s Executive Education for Government Officials Academy.  Tom has a master’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and both bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from the Oklahoma State University, where his dissertation on correctional education was recognized by the graduate college for research excellence and used as justification for expanding Oklahoma’s system of inmate training centers.


For his outstanding contributions to the field of career and technology education, in 2009, Tom received the Arch Alexander Award, presented by the University of Oklahoma which is one of the highest awards given in career and technology education.  In 2012 he was presented with the Distinguished Service Award from the National Council of Local Administrators (NCLA) and in August of 2013 Tom was presented with the Dr. Francis Tuttle Career Excellence Award which is given to individuals whose contributions have been of state and national significance.  It is the highest honor one can receive from CareerTech.  In 2015, he was named one of Oklahoma’s Most Admired CEO’s by The Journal Record.

How to be CREATIVE!..When You're Not Creative

Jared Williams| Moore Norman Technology Center |

Plaza South- 2nd floor

Whether you're planning a baby shower, brainstorming a new product, or developing a new training, creativity is a great thing to have.  If you're anything like me, though, creativity doesn't come naturally.  This session is for those of us that want to be creative but have never had an original thought our entire life.  We will analyze what creativity is and how to increase our own creativity through mental exercises, self-betterment, and a change in perspective. 


This session’s objectives include:

  • Define creativity and learn how creative ideas form.

  • Discover and practice creativity techniques

  • Develop a creativity plan

Millennials and the Workplace; Meeting the Needs of Both

Brent Askins| Western Kentucky University |

Morgan Askins| Tarleton University|

Sheraton University- Basement

This program looks at the research to support the premise that millennials do not exhibit appropriate work ethics for beginning employment.  We will examine programs that can be implemented to teach and evaluate work ethics in schools making transition to the world of work easier.

I.   Introduction to work ethic.

II. Research supporting the need for greater work ethics in business and Industry.

III. Ideas for teaching work ethics to include sites for resources.

IV. Ideas for evaluating work ethics handout examples included.

V.  The long-term impact of work ethic programs.


Brent has taught high school and university students for the past 34 years giving him the opportunity to polish his speaking skills. His VITA includes over 500 workshop activities in business and industry, another 500 programs in the educational field and well over 150 conference programs; many of which were keynotes or luncheon speeches. Presentations have ranged from Hawaii to New York, Alaska to the Bahamas with audiences as large as 2000 people.

 Known as “The Story Teller” Brent’s presentation style is high energy, humorous and very entertaining. Real life applications are the trademark of his programs with each story illustrated by examples from his own life.

Brent’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree in technology from Western Kentucky University and graduate degrees from both Purdue and the University of Kentucky. Currently, Brent is a Professor in the School of Engineering at Western Kentucky University where he teaches technical courses oversees the Career and Technical Teacher Education Program.

Morgan is Brent’s daughter, a gifted speaker in her own right. Currently she is a graduate assistant at Tarleton University in TX and a graduate of Western Kentucky University. Morgan will add the millennial perspective to the presentation.

OkACTE Fellowship Program

Michael Culwell| OkACTE |

18th Century- 2nd flloor

This session will allow current OkACTE Fellows to present the OkACTE Fellowship Program of Work and program objectives. Presenters will be the current 2018-19 OkACTE Fellows and each will share their experiences and expectations after completing the fellowship.


This session’s objectives include:

  • Learning how their states/associations may develop a similar fellowship program

  • Leaving with the current Program of Work the OkACTE Fellows are completing this year

  • Gaining knowledge of how to proactively recruit future leaders within their associations or states

1. Understand the benefit for Behavioral Threat Assessment i preventing school violence
2.  Understanding the need for and overcoming challenges of information sharing
3.  Review best practices within emergency response and determine if those practices are valid and if so, why. 

Parkland Lessons Learned

Gary Rudick| Department of Homeland Security |

Plaza North- 2nd floor

The school shooting tragedy at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass in Parkland, Florida has given school security personnel an opportunity to re-examine response protocols to assure they are within the best practices recommendations and that those recommendations are still valid.  This session will examine the Parkland shooting incident and focus on the benefit of Behavioral Threat Assessment practices and where such practices can be used to prevent future tragic events. 

This session’s objectives include:

1. Understand the benefit for Behavioral Threat Assessment i preventing school violence

2.  Understanding the need for and overcoming challenges of information sharing

3.  Review best practices within emergency response and determine if those practices are valid and if so, why. 

SUPER (Hard + Soft) Skills = Success

Meegan Kriley-Mackay| Artes pro Vita Academy (AVA)|

Frontier Room- 2nd floor

Today’s workforce is looking for people who have the hard (technical) skills needed to do the job, as well as the soft (people) skills to get the job, work together, and succeed as a team.  Through an interactive approach to learning companies can save money and time, building their employees’ SUPER (Hard + Soft) Skills, improving their ability to listen, communicate, collaborate, negotiate, and win moving forward.

Interactive Activity:

  • SUPER Smile: 3 Secrets How Smiling Leads to Success

  • SUPER Intro: Four Components of the 60 Second Pitch

  • SUPER Shake: The Perfect First Impression


Summary: Today’s workforce leaders are recognizing how SUPER Skills support business growth, talent management, training and culture to help achieve their goals. Through professional development training, we can help people and teams build confidence, “empowering learners into future leaders”. 

Session Objectives:


  1. Empower the PACE/ACTE members with SUPER (Hard + Soft) Skills

  2. Demonstrate employability SUPER Skills necessary for getting, keeping, and being successful in a job.

  3. Identify attitudes that enable employees to get along with their colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problems, develop respect and ultimately become strong ambassadors for the organization.

  4. Through audio, visual, and tactile learning, show how interpersonal skills satisfy, students, colleagues, customers and clients' expectations, allowing you to negotiate, make decisions, manage time efficiently, take responsibility, and work effectively with others.

  5. Remind us of the human ability to empathize and build rapport, leading to a better working environment for all.


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