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As an ACTE member, you are automatically a member of one of five geographic regions. Oklahoma is a member of Region IV along with the following states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. These regions were established to support state associations in providing opportunities for members to get involved at the state and national levels. Each year, regions host their own conferences to provide members with professional development, leadership development and networking opportunities closer to home. 

Your ACTE membership also includes a division. The divisions represent the content area focus and/or special interest group of the member. The divisions provide a specific identity to career and technical educators beyond their state or region; members are also identified by the type of career and technical education they provide or represent. These divisions are also included in your OkACTE membership and are represented on state level. 

Within each state, every division has ACTE voting delegates; the number is pro-rated for membership, for example: 

  • • Agricultural Education - 2 delegates 

  • • Education Services– Special Populations (ESSP) - 1 delegate 

  • • T & I Education - 2 delegates 


Divisions have an impact on ACTE through voting delegates and organized states such as Oklahoma that meet and caucus prior to the ACTE Delegates Assembly have a major impact on many issues. 

*example: the vote to increase ACTE dues and have an ongoing dues increase based on the consumer price index statistics - did not pass after Oklahoma delegates voiced their opinions. 


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