The Oklahoma ACTE awards program seeks to promote excellence in CareerTech education by recognizing individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field, programs that exemplify the highest standards and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand CareerTech education programs. 

All OkACTE members are able to submit award applications on the ACTE Awards Portal, ( March 1 for the following awards:

  •  ACTE Teacher of the Year
  •  ACTE Career Guidance Award
  •  ACTE Postsecondary Teacher of the Year 
  •  ACTE Administrator of the Year
  •  ACTE New Teacher of the Year
  •  ACTE Carl Perkins Community Service Award

The following award applications will be available on the ACTE Awards Portal ASAP.  Division Award Chairs will be notified when they are available.

  • OkACTE Kaleidoscope Award
  • OkACTE Support Staff Award
  • OkACTE Communications and Marketing Award
  • OkACTE Outstanding New Professional Award
  • OATC Distinguished Achievement Award
  • OkACTE Distinguished Service Award
  • Arch Alexander Award
  • Francis Tuttle Award

The association’s Awards Committee administers the Teacher of the Year, Outstanding Educator, Outstanding New Teacher, New Professional and Outstanding Teacher in Community Service awards. The committee consists of one representative from each of Oklahoma ACTE’s thirteen divisions, a chair and the Oklahoma ACTE assistant director as advisor. The committee is responsible for reviewing applications and approving division awards selection committee recommendations, recommending the awards winners to the association and for overseeing all aspects of the recognition program for award recipients.

The Support Staff Division selects the winner of the Support Staff Award.

Members of the Diversity Action Committee select the Kaleidoscope Award winner.

The Oklahoma ACTE assistant director approves Silver Key Award recipients’ applications.

The staff at the Universityof Oklahoma College of Education or A representative selects the Arch Alexander Award recipient.

The staff at Oklahoma ACTE will coordinate the selection for the Francis Tuttle Career Excellence and the Distinguished Service Awards.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to return any application that is not appropriate for the category in which it was submitted.

All awards will be presented during the annual Summer Conference.

Application Materials
All Oklahoma ACTE award nominees must submit an application online.

For further information of the program, contact Cheryl Harder, OkACTE, 2801 N Lincoln, Suite 130, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. Telephone (405) 525-8902 or email